iPhone/iPad/iPod Devices Activation Support

  How to install Almouridiyyah Plus Apps to iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod) devices from the Apple App Store.  
Please follow these easy steps to start watching
Almouridiyyah TV on iPhone, iPad, iPod.

Download at Google Play Store

1. GFrom the home screen on youriPhone,
iPod, or iPad, press the App Store icon.
2. Find the search bar and enter
"AlMouridiyyah" to look for the
application within the store.
3. Be sure to specify "iPhone Only"
in the search parameters to find the
application. The application will still work on iPad devices.

4. Select the "AlMouridiyyah Plus"
application and press the download icon to
addthe application to your device.
5. The application will now be available from
your home screen. Find the AlMouriddyah
Plus icon and press on it to open it.
6. You will be prompted for a username
& password to access the live streams.
Enter your account information and click
"Login" to proceed.

7. You will see a list of live channels.
Select the one you want to watch.
8. Enjoy the stream!

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